Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn pony and the main protagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Twilight Sparkle

Her adventure begins when she found out that Nightmare Moon was going to escape from her prison in the moon and make night last forever in Equestria. Twilight immediately informed Princess Celestia however, she told Twilight not to worry and Twilight Sparkle ended up being sent to Ponyville to oversee the ceremony.

Although Twilight considers knowledge more important than friendship, after she and her friends defeat Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia entrust Twilight a new mission: To discover the meaning of friendship and Twilight Sparkle learns the importance of friends as the series continue.


Twilight Sparkle running

Twilight running and carrying books.

Twilight is Princess Celestia's faithful student. She represents the spirit of magic. She is keen on books and learning magic. She once studied so much that she didn't have time for anypony to accompany. That is until her mentor, Princess Celestia, charged her with the study of friendship!

Twilight is very knowledgeable and smart. She helps the ponies in Ponyville by using her knowledge and magic powers when needed.

Twilight sometimes.

She might also sometimes be impatient and shallow. However, hanging out with her new companions made Twilight Sparkle rethink about the importance of friendship. Twilight now enjoys spending time with her friends although she still likes reading books alone, in her home or in parks.

It is said that her big brain and love for her friends transform her into a natural born leader.


Twiligh Sparkle doing a spell

Twilight Sparkle doing a spell.

Twilight Sparkle has the abilities of a unicorn, such as magically moving objects and using her horn to light dark palces.

But still, she is seen as the only unicorn pony to be able to teleport. She also knows several spells, maybe owing to the amount of books she has read.